About Us

Who is The Hyfin for:


Aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, business owners, and any other customer using The Hyfin to search for business services.


Service providers, businesses, and other vendors listed on the platform.

Our vision

The Hyfin will be the class-leading aggregator targeted for entrepreneurs and SMEs, empowering innovation through seamless and efficient connections.

Our mission

The Hyfin will be the reason entrepreneurs and business owners thrive by providing the biggest and most reliable listing of services targeted to those two interdependent communities.

Introduction to The Hyfin

  • We know that starting a business isn’t easy. There’s an infinite selection of services and vendors, and it’s difficult to identify the one that will understand and cater to your business's specific needs.
  • This is where The Hyfin comes in; an aggregator of service providers to help startups, entrepreneurs, and business-owners set up and operate their businesses.
  • With The Hyfin, you now have access to an unlimited number of service providers for your business all on one simple, user-friendly platform.
  • Customize your search results to suit your specific business needs, including your unique budget, location, and service. In a nutshell – we’re the one-stop-shop for all your business needs.
  • The Hyfin aims to be the go-to resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses when looking for vendors and services.
  • By providing features for community ratings, comments and feedback, we also hope to shape efficient and cost-effective collaborations and increase the satisfaction of entrepreneurs and business-owners in their contractual relationships with service providers.

Long-term Goals & Targets

  • Continually improve seamless search and connection of entrepreneurs and vendors, knowing that each can be both
  • Encourage and promote entrepreneurship
  • Simplify the entrepreneurial journey for aspiring business owners
  • Showcase companies regionally and internationally
  • Highlight international manufacturing and supply chain partners for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Promote and boost quality service providers

Why What
We do

Many entrepreneurs tend to get discouraged or overwhelmed when starting a business due to several factors, which includes, but are not limited to:

  • Limited access to funding
  • Lack of understanding of the market and culture
  • Not knowing how to effectively manage growth
  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of guidance by business experts

This leads to stifled dreams and lost opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses to reach their full potential. The Hyfin aspires to be part of the efforts in changing the narrative, a new narrative where entrepreneurs and existing businesses:

  • Have the clarity they need to start businesses
  • Know the options available to them for the different stages of their businesses
  • Have community engagement and feedback on the options available for services
  • Can study and explore service providers before identifying the perfect one
  • Feel empowered and confident about their venture

Benefits of The Hyfin: For Entrepreneurs

We believe that The Hyfin is an essential tool for Creators of all industries.
Here’s why -


Infinite access to identify services


Allows entrepreneurs to view and compare different service providers


Relevant to all entrepreneurs, regardless of industry or service required


View past ratings
and comments to ensure excellent quality


Make the most informed decision for your business

Benefits of The Hyfin: For Businesses

We believe that The Hyfin is an essential tool for Builders of all industries.
Here’s why -


Provides increased exposure which generates leads


Allows businesses to get matched instantly with thousands of active entrepreneurs looking for their services


Enables businesses to showcase their services


The Hyfin can be accessed from anywhere in the world offering the Builder’s services to clients globally


A one-way ticket to higher reach and more sales